We grew up in the days when, unless you could code, a computer was little more than a £700 deck of playing cards. If you are looking for someone to write Streamlit web apps written in the Python programming language, get in touch. Web apps have a number of significant advantages over other types of software. Here's a few freebies to give you an idea of what's possible: click on any of them to open the app in a new tab.

Why choose web apps?

For relatively simple programs, web apps have a number of significant advantages over traditional methods of deploying software:

  • The user only needs a browser and internet connection to be able to access the app. No installing software or downloading from the Play Store. The app is accessible on any of your devices
  • From a software developer's point of view, you only have to create the app once: no packaging the software for each different operating system you want to support and needing to keep them constantly updated as the OS changes. This speeds up deployment, reducing development time and cost
  • Because most of the user interface design, formatting and input widgets are being handled by the app framework (Streamlit in this case), the developer only needs to write the code to make the app work, saving more development time
  • The apps are 'responsive'. This means that they will work properly and look and feel the same whatever screen size device your user accesses them on
  • The apps are fully interactive: as soon as your user changes an input on the screen the whole app updates. Like Javascript but quicker to write
  • The apps can be embedded in your existing website using a simple iframe. To your users, the app will just look like part of your website
  • The apps can be hosted in the cloud for free and made available to all. Or if you want to go closed source, with a bit of tech know-how you can deploy them locally or on an intranet if your webserver can run Python scripts
  • Although Streamlit handles the formatting automatically (and does a really nice job of making attractive apps out of the box), if you want to you can reformat fonts, colours and styles to suit your own existing branding with CSS overrides
  • Multi-page apps are possible allowing quite sophisticated interactions between different pages. You could write an entire website in Streamlit if you wanted to
  • If we haven't mentioned it already, Streamlit apps are really quick to write and deploy. Most of the examples shown here are only one or two hundred lines of code and can be designed, written and deployed from scratch in a couple of days

The examples on this website give you an idea of what's possible. If you have an idea for an app you need writing, get in touch. Or just use and enjoy them. We should make one note about privacy before you do though: at Elephant Stone we never set cookies or track you on the internet. Just be aware, the same can't be said of Streamlit, the framework that the apps are written in. Streamlit will set cookies and try and track your internet useage. There's nothing sinister in this: they just want to understand how their users interact with the apps. Just wanted to let you know.

Grubby little money begging bit: if you find the apps useful, you can always buy us a coffee to say thank you.

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